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Two Kooks Coffee

ABOUT DA KOOKSFARMING • We started farming in 2017 when we purchased our first home - which just so happened to be on a two-acre, abandoned coffee farm. We spent the first three years uncovering the land- just the two of us, a few hand tools, and our trusty four-wheeler. All while still working full time jobs.Our goal with farming is to show admiration to the land by integrating native Hawaiian plants and other edible crops. Not just coffee. With these practices comes the hope of creating a more biodiverse and sustainable ecosystem within our little two-acre lot.Once we finally caught our breaths, and the farm was maintainable, we decided to really see what our old coffee trees had to offer. We reached out to some experts, and it turned out it is pretty damn good. We had to pinch ourselves. We were stoked!COFFEE • Our coffee is hand picked, meticulously processed, and masterfully roasted in small batches to preserve the customized flavors and freshness.From day one our goal with coffee has been to have fun, and work with awesome people. The attention to detail, dedication, and enthusiasm shown by the processors and roasters is so exciting. It shows with the final cup!SURFING • We have been kook-ing it up for 10 years on the Big Island! Surfing was our first love, and something that really solidified our relationship with the ocean, and each other. We love the ocean and the endless lessons it provides. Surfing together is our happy place, but we can’t call ourselves surfers- we’re still just a couple of kooks!

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